Mission Statement and Goals


Mission Statement

Stillwater Montessori School was established as a non-profit corporation in 1983 to provide the surrounding communities with high-quality educational, non-sectarian, programs for children using the Montessori Method. All possible means are utilized to provide for each child’s physical and psychological needs. The School, following the educational techniques and resources of Dr. Maria Montessori, serves all children by allowing each child to develop completely according to his or her individual capabilities and needs.



  • To provide an environment in which all children can realize maximum intellectual, personal, social, and physical development.
  • To recognize that interaction with the environment, and relationships with peers and adults, provides children with a variety of learning experiences.
  • To provide a variety of essential learning experiences to support growth in all developmental domains.
  • To respect individual differences and to provide a wide variety of experiences, strategies and supports to meet the needs of all children.
  • To create an atmosphere in which the child develops a growing understanding of others’ rights, uniqueness and individuality and how his or her actions affect others.
  • To teach all children to become full contributing members of the community with a health sense of self and social skills to navigate a complex society.
  • To continuously evaluate and improve our program by engaging in comprehensive assessment that reflects our strengths, successes, and areas that need correction and adjustment.