May 2003
Weds. May 7th – Last After-School Chess Program
Fri. May 9th – Lower Elementary to Old Town Museum at 12:30 p.m.
Tues. May 13th – Lower Elementary Field Trip along Penobscot River
Tues. May 13th – Primary Parent Conferences (Joanne’s Classroom) (sign-up for time)
Thurs. May 15th – Primary Parent Conferences (Marion’s Classroom) (sign-up for time)
Thurs. May 15th – Environmental Club (pick up at Hirundo Wildlife Refugee (see directions)
Fri. May 16th – Last school day for Linda & Manon from the Netherlands.
Tues. May 20th – Move Up Day for students moving into other SMS classrooms (see Note)
Thurs. May 22nd – Parent Conferences (Al’s Classroom) All Day. (sign–up for time)
Fri., May 23rd – Parent Conferences (Irene’s Classroom) All Day (sign-up for time)
Mon. May 26th – NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)
Thurs. May 29th – CultureFest from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Sat. May 31st – Spring Children’s Fair & Yard-Sale (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
Jun. 3rd - All-School Music / Dance Program with Irene’s class play at Elementary at 6:30 p.m.
Jun. 4th-6th Elementary & Middle School to Tanglewood Camp, Lincolnville, ME
Mon. Jun. 9th – All School Last Day Celebration at Elementary location
(Student Pick-up at 11:30 a.m.)

School Notes:
Scholarship Dance and Auction: Thanks to everyone that helped make this a successful and fun event. Special thanks to Christine for the framing fundraiser part. It raised $826 for the Scholarship fund. Everyone contributed to this event; students (contributed artwork and painted furniture), past parents (many attended and made donations) and present parents for setting up, donating time, food and items. It was a really fun evening. We will post pictures of the dancing and everything on the school bulletin boards. Including the framing contribution a total of $2400 was raised for the scholarship fund! Thanks again for your wonderful support!

Silent Auction Continues: Stillwater Montessori School has several items and services that were not bid on at the auction or came in too late to show. A list will be posted of the items / services and minimum bid (if any). Parents may write down a bid beside the items and if they are the highest bidder at the end of the school day on Friday. May 16th, then they receive that item or service. Remember, we really do not want to return these to those that donated them to school and if we can get a little more for the scholarship fund that would be great! Call Joe or Joanne if there are any questions.

Dutch Bulb Orders: The spring orders raised $171 for the school and the bulbs are due this week. Thanks to all for their orders.

Enrollments for 2003-2004: The School is in the process of filling its enrollment for both Primary classrooms and should be completed in the next couple weeks. Enrollment is open at the elementary and middle school programs. Any Parents interested in these programs are encouraged to schedule a visit by contacting Joe (827-2404)

After-School Programs: The Chess program will have its last program this Wednesday with a special celebration. The Environmental club program will have its last meeting on May 15th at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge. It is hoped to have one more Culture Club program for the end of school. It is being coordinated with UM Global Links. It’s been a very successful year with these programs. There has been lots of participation from our students and those in the community.

New Students: Sierra Dickinson, Mackenzie Dunning and Kirk Woodhave joined Al’s lower elementary classroom
Returning Student:Henry Chaihas returned to join Irene’s Classroom
International Student Teaching Interns:
Netherlands: Linda Smolenaers / Manon Ronken until May 16th
Japan: Kazuko Igarashiuntil end of School Year.
Canada: (via UM, Kelly Singer until May 16th)

Classroom News:
Marion’s Primary Classroom: Welcome to Spring finally! The class celebrated with a May Pole and making baskets for our loved ones. The class is now studying the Oceans and Australia. Special guests will include Doug and Rebecca Bird (Sydney’s parents) and Abbey who have traveled to Australia. If others have specialties dealing with the Ocean or Australia, please let us know. The letter of the week is W. Parent Conferences for the class will be on May 15th. Please sign-up or see me if it does not work for you. I look forward to talking with all of you about the great progress your children have been making. I will also be scheduling UN-birthday walks for those with summer birthdays. .(Kacey, Lily T., Sydney, Jason, Cecilia, Becky and Avery.) If there is a date that works for you, let me know. - Marion
Joanne’s Primary Classroom: We have had a great start back from vacation. The class is studying the Oceans and the continent of Australia. We will be a having guest speakers (See Marion’s note) The class has enjoyed having Linda from the Netherlands and Kazuko from Japan working in the classroom giving lessons. The Extended day group has likewise been focusing on the Ocean and we had Carol Kim (Conner’s mom) come and show us baby zebra fish and watching them hatch under a microscope. The weather has been great and we are outside as much as possible. We are now reading Pipi goes to the South Seas as our chapter book.
Al’s Lower Elementary Classroom: It’s great to be back from vacation and all the students are very busy. The class will be studying the Penobscot river valley for 3 weeks and then 3 weeks on simple machines to finish the year. We will have a day-long field trip going along the Penobscot river on May 13th. Parents are welcome to come. Let me know.–Al
Irene’s Upper Elementary and Middle-School Classroom: The class is studying the polar regions and planning their Culturefest on the arctic and Antarctic regions. Also they will be performing a newly written play.

Marine Science Presentation: Emmanual Boss (Tom’s Dad) will do a special presentation using optics for both the primary programs this Thursday, May 8th

Summer Program: A limited number of students (15) will participate in a Summer Day Program at the Primary location for seven weeks from June 23rd through August 8th. It is for currently enrolled primary students or newly enrolled students. Slots may be shared. If you are interested in this, please call Carol Kim (827- 8870)

Spring Children’s Fair and Yard Sale: This will be held on Sat. May 31st from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Yard Sale will start at 8:00 a.m.) Please put it on your calendar. Also, please save your excess yard sale items for us. Contact Jim Bird (866-2578) or Joe Alex (827-2404) about picking items up.

Books for Nicaragua:We would like to thank every one for taking the time and ordering books for their library which will happen this summer, Sarah is very excited about this big event. This fund raiser was a big success, over $450.00 in books were ordered!! When the books come in we will be holding a book signing party. More information to come. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! There will be a book plate signing this Friday, so that the students can sign the books they are donating.

Parent Conferences: Parents, please sign up for a time for conferences on the school bulletin boards. There are also parent questionaire forms to be filled out and returned prior to the conferences. Thanks.

Special Recognition: During this past year, Henry Chaihas competed in the Maine Mathematics Science and Engineering Talent Search Competition for 4th thru 12th grade. Over 3,200 students competed. Henry placed first in the Grade 5 section. Other former students also competed. Kevin Townsend placed first and Mona Lakshman placed second in Grade 9 section.
Congratulations to Henry and the others. This great problem solving competition starts in September. We look forward to having more Stillwater Montessori School students participate.

Tanglewood Camp: All elementary and middle school students will be invited to participate in a really fun three day camp experience at Tanglewood Camp from June 4th to 6th. It will involve 2 overnights. More information will be coming shortly about this. Because of the fundraising done, costs for the room, board and instruction are going to be $60 each student. Parent chaperones are needed so please see Irene, Al or Joe if you are interested.

After-School Environmental Club: Last meeting is Thursday, May 15th at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge. Student pick-up is at 5 p.m. Directions are: West Rt. 43 (Gillman Falls Ave.) I-95 exit 52 . go 3-4 miles and look for the main gate on right. Go all the way to end of road.

School Music / Dance Program: This will be held on Tuesday, June 3rd, 6:15 arrival for 6:30 p.m. performance at the Elementary location. There will be singing, dance, recorders, Suzuki Violin Recital and a play performance (Irene’s class). There will be more details to follow.

Move Up Day: Those students who will be attending another SMS program next year will have an opportunity to visit on May 20th. (Primary into Elementary and Elementary into Upper Elementary.) Parents of students going to the elementary will have drop off and pick up there.

Bike Day: Primary students are asked to bring their bikes, trikes to school on Thurs. June 5th ( with rain date: Fri. June 6th ) for a bike parade. A safety inspection / talk by Old Town Police will also occur, if possible.

Last Day: Because we only used 1 snow day out of 4 allotted and only one teacher-in-service day out of 2 , then the last day is moved forward 4 days from June 15th to June 9th. It will be a half-day celebration with student pick-up at 11:30 a.m.


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