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Stillwater Montessori School PARENT FLYER #1 August 19, 2003

Dear SMS Parents,

Stillwater Montessori School begins the 2003-2004 school year on Weds. August 27th. Please See Attached Sheet for the student start dates for the Primary Classrooms for either Weds. Aug. 27th, Thurs. Aug. 28th or Fri. Aug. 29th. Please have your child come on the day indicated. ALL Elementary and Middle School students start school on Weds. Aug. 27th.
Enclosed with this letter is:
1. An order form for school t-shirts / sweatshirts. Please turn in your order by Sept. 2nd.
2. A Family Activities sign-up sheet. Please turn this in at the start of school
3. Updated 2002-2003 school calendar

The School Staff has now started and are in the process of setting up the classrooms. You are welcome to stop by and visit. Remember, weather permitting, the “Get-Acquainted” picnics are Monday, Aug. 25th from 4 to 6 p.m. for Primary Students at the Primary Location (1024 Stillwater Ave.); and Tuesday, Aug. 26th from 4 to 6 p.m. for the Elementary and Middle School Students at the Elementary location (117 Brunswick St.). Plan to come!

1. IMPORTANT. If you have not already returned all paperwork, please do so when your child starts. You can drop them off in the Administration Baskets located in the hallways at both school locations or give them directly to the staff.
2. If you have any changes in address, telephone number, emergency number, billing or email, please let us know right away (ASAP). Contact either Joe or Linda. – Call 827-2404.
3. There have been some late changes (address changes, new students, etc.) to all the classroom rosters. The class rosters will therefore be available to parents (and as current as possible) at the start of school. Please check your folders for them.
4. Parent Guides for both the Primary and Elementary will be in your folders
5. We will use both email and our website as a communication tool. So after the beginning of school, “hard copies” of notices, newsletters will only be posted on bulletin boards and distributed as requested by parents. Let us know if you wish to get “hard copies” in your folder. Please remember to check your folders daily !!
6. Special Instruction in Music, Dance, Art and French will start the 3rd week of school ( Sept. 8th-13th )
7. SMS After School Programs (Chess, Culture and Environmental Clubs) will continue this year. Dates, times and locations will be announced later.
8. The First “Friends of Stillwater Montessori School” Meeting will be – Thursday, Sept. 4th at 7:00 p.m. All parents and staff are welcome to attend. It will be held at the Primary location. Please sign-up to come!
9. On Friday, Sept. 5th all elementary students will participate in a Wild School Site Workshop at the outdoor classroom in Old Town. We will be working on our skills to create backyard habitats which will transfer to creating our butterfly garden at the elementary school. We have permission from the church to do a garden! On September 30th the children will present thier projects at the outdoor classroom’s 10th anniversary celebration!
10. On September 20th our school will be involved with National Public Lands Day at Sunkhaze Meadows. We will help out w/ litter pick up as well as specific projects for the students. There will be more information later


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