September 2003
Thurs., Sept. 4th - “Friends of SMS” Meeting at 7 p.m. at Primary. All Parents Welcome. Please Sign Up!
Fri., Sept. 5th - Elementary students all-day field trip to Outdoor Classroom with Lisa Kane
Sat. Sept. 20th – SMS Family Yard Sale 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Bird’s residence , 139 Main St. , Orono.
Sat. Sept 20th – National Public Lands Day at Sunhaze Wildlife Refuge
Tues. Sept. 30th - Special Presentation by School at 10th Anniversary of PLT Outdoor Classroom
Tues. Sept. 30th – Chess Club starts 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Elementary
Thurs. Oct 2nd – Environmental Club starts 3:30- 5:00 at Page Farm Museum
Thurs. Oct. 16th – Class photos for all classrooms (More information / order form at a later date)
Fri., Oct. 17th – Teacher In-Service Day (No School)

PRIMARY NEWS: JOANNE’S Classroom (Primary 1) and MARION’S Classroom (Primary 2)

Information and Reminders:• Please bring inside shoes for your child to keep in their cubbies. These could be slippers, sneakers or shoes. Please make them as independent as possible so that the children can put them on and off successfully.

• Please bring extra clothes for their bathroom cubbies. Spills and accidents do occur throughout the day. When choosing clothes make sure that you keep in mind the ever-changing Maine weather (cool mornings/warm days).

• There is a classroom note board by each classroom door, notes may be posted there at times and you may use it as well to post notes for the teachers. (Special Thanks to Catherine Des Pres and Gordon Bonin for donating these)

• Music classes will begin the week of September 8th . We are looking forward to the Kindermusik curriculum with Shauna. Joanne’s class has music Monday 9-10 and Marion’s class Wednesday 9-10. .

• French lessons with Aaron Padgen, (Joanne’s Assistant Teacher) will begin the week of September 8th. Joanne’s class lesson is Wednesday morning and Marion’s class lesson is Thursday morning. Both are at 9.

• In Marion’s class the first share day (show & tell) will be on September 16th . Please help your child to choose an item to bring to school on that day. At second group time, (10:30) we will separate into three small groups so that the children can share their item. Share day will continue throughout the school year, every Tuesday. In Joanne’s class share day is Monday or the first day back after the weekend (i.e. Tuesday if Monday is no school).

• Book orders from a variety of companies (Troll, Trumpet, Scholastic, etc.) will be sent home each month. These are for you to look at and order if you wish. The books are wonderful and so are the prices. If you do wish to order please fill out the order forms on the back of each flyer, cut them out, attach a check made out to the company(ies) and return them to school. There will be manila folders on the hallway bulletin board that are labeled Marion’s Book Orders & Joanne’s book orders , you may place your orders in them. Book orders will be sent the home on Fridays, and need to be returned by the following Friday, so that they the class orders can be sent out. The books usually arrive 2 weeks later.

• We have an activity at school that we call Special Child of the Week. Each child will be chosen, throughout the year; to have a week that is special for them. Students may bring items from home to display and share with friends, and pictures to show us. Students with parents help are asked to fill out a short autobiography to be read to the class. Parents are more than welcome to join us in the presentation. This is one of the most exciting classroom happenings. The children really take treasure in this special time. We will send a notice home when it is your child’s special week. The”Special Child of the Week” program begins in September for Marion’s classroom and October for Joanne’s classroom.

• Please make sure that if you have any questions concerning your child’s day please ask the teachers. We are partners in your child’s education. Remember you are always welcome to give a call anytime at 827-2404. We will answer the phone on evenings and weekends. Thank you


AL’s Lower Elementary Class: Everyone is off to a great start! We are studying flowering plants for the first few weeks. This is in conjunction with the volunteer work the class is doing at the PLT Outdoor Classroom in Orono. We visited last Friday to see what would be done and will visit again from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Friday. Homework is a regular part of the student’s day. Each day each student should bring home a spelling and a reading assignment. On occasions another type of assignment will be added to meet a specific need that your child may have.

Irene’s Upper Elementary Class: A wonderful start to the year with beautiful weather and much excitement. Our class along with Al’s class visited the Brenton Halsey Memorial Outdoor Classroom and Demonstration Forest. We have an all-day workshop there this Friday, September 5th with Lisa Kane, Natural Science Wildlife Educator for the Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife. The class has begun a unit on the American Revolution and will be planning an overnight history field trip to Lexington and Boston, Massachusetts. More details to come. The class will visit the Old Town Library this week to begin our book research.

National Geographic Society Educational Foundation Grant Awarded SMS:

Stillwater Montessori Families! We have exciting news: Stillwater Montessori School is one of twelve schools nationwide to receive a grant from the National Geographic Society Education Foundation. This grant will enable us to carry on several projects with the intent of turning all the students in our school into “Habitat Heroes”. Activities will include volunteering in the outdoor classroom, creating a butterfly garden at our school, and assisting with the Public Lands Day at Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. In conjunction with these activities, students in Al and Irene’s classrooms will be studying plants (particularly wildflowers) and insects (particularly butterflies and moths). The elements of habitat and developing skills of mapping, planning and communicating will also be studied. Last Friday students visited the demonstration forest to get a sense of the environment in which they will be working. This Friday, Sept. 5th , students will return to the Demonstration forest for a workshop with Lisa Kane, State Project WILD Coordinator. On Sept. 30th , a presentation of our work and projects will be given at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Outdoor Classroom. We will have an opportunity to have a family fun and work day at Sunkhaze Meadows on September 20th . Come learn about a bog and help celebrate our National Wildlifwe Refuge System. Parents are welcome to join in any of the activities. Please see Joanne, Joe or let the staff know your of your interesr! NOTE: You are welcome to attend the Sept 5th workshop day at the outdoor classroom. The grant will take care of your participation fee.

PRIMARY LUNCH (Notes and Suggestions for a smooth mealtime):
This school year, primary students are encouraged to be individually responsible during lunch time. Each student will be given a placemat on which to place their lunch items. The students will also be responsible for cleaning up their own table space. Finally, please be aware of the types of containers your child can open and close independently. For example, a Tupperware container is easier to open than an individual applesauce container. Also if a child does not eat it all it can still be saved and not thrown out.
In addition, to help reduce the amount of garbage, we are encouraging the children to bring reuseable containers. For example, once yogurt is opened the leftover has to be thrown away. A good solution would be to put a serving in a Glad-type container with a snap lid, therefore reducing the waste and the leftovers can be sent home. The same goes for individual juice boxes as opposed to reusable container or thermos.
Disposable individual servings have contributed to a large amount of food and and garbage being thrown away each day. This is a problem not only environmentally but also in determining accurately how much your child is eating for lunch at school. Thanks for your cooperation! - The Primary Teachers

MUSIC, ART & DANCE: We believe the arts are an important part of our students education and integrate as much as possible music, art and dance into our curriculum. In addition the students sing ,create art work, and dance throughout the year. There are two scheduled performances and shows: a holiday concert and an end of year performance. The students will have optional Suzuki violin lessons available with Nora Bellows. A sign-up and pertinent information will be posted. The primary will have the Kindermusik program lessons each week. The Elementary students will be going to Laura Artesani’s music methods class at the University of Maine on Thursdays from 11:15 a.m. to Noon. This is a great experience for all involved. The Elementary class will start at the University on September 18th. Cid Dyjak will continue to teach Creative Movement at the Primary and Dance / Sports at the Elementary. Jami Cass (formerly Bradshaw) will continue with art instruction at the elementary. Special instruction at the Elementary will be on Fridays.

FRENCH INSTRUCTION at the Elementary will be on Fridays with Aaron Padgen as well.

BUTTERFLIES & CATERPILLARS: We are collecting caterpillars in order to see them change into butterflies and moths. Please be on the lookout for Monarch Caterpillars on Milkweed and bring any you find to school. Thanks. Presently at the primary site we have Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillars and chrysalis as well as the tomato hornworm larvae which will turn into Sphinx Moths. They are beginning to create their cocoons.

T-SHIRT ORDERS: These are due by this Friday as we need to get our order in. Extra forms are available on the school bulletin boards.

PARENT MEETING: This Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at the Primary School. We will discuss the “Friends of Stillwater Montessori School”’s role in the School. This includes the upcoming Yard-Sale, Family Activities, and Field Trips. Everyone’s involvement builds a strong community and a rich educational experience for all. Please attend if you can.

SCHOOL FORMS: Please get ALL your school forms and information in! We need current emergency cards and all other forms submitted. If there are any questions on the forms or your billing, please call 827-2404 (Joe or Linda)

YARD SALE: This school fundraiser will be held on Sat. Sept. 20th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 139 Main St., Orono (Bird Residence) Donations accepted!! Any of your un-used items from attic, basement or closets will be appreciated. Pick-up can be arranged if needed. Contact Jim Bird 866-2578 or Joe Alex 827-2404.

AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Within the next month, the after-school programs that Stillwater Montessori School hosts will begin. The start date for the Environmental Club is Oct. 2nd and the Chess Club will start Sept. 30th. The Culture Club dates and times will be announced. Look for sign-ups and information on school bulletin boards.

ELECTRONIC NEWSFLYERS: This will be the last “hard copy” newsflyer that ALL parents will get. Please let Joe know if you need (or want) a “hard copy” of the newsflyer. Otherwise future newsflyers will be emailed and also posted on our website:


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