October 2003
Tues. Sept. 30th - Special Presentation by SMS elementary students at 10th Anniversary of PLT
Outdoor Classroom. All are invited to attend.
Tues. Sept. 30th – Chess Club starts 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Elementary
Weds –Fri., Oct. 1-3rd – Upper Elementary field trip to Boston (Study of American Revolution)
Thurs. Oct 2nd – Environmental Club starts 3:30- 5:00 at Page Farm Museum
Tues. Oct 14th – ALL SCHOOL Parent Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at Primary
Thurs. Oct. 16th – Class photos for all classrooms (More information / order form at a later date)
Thurs. Oct. 16th – Celebration of Stillwater Montessori School’s 20th Anniversary
At Pizzeria Uno’s 6:00 p.m. All parents and alumni are invited!
Fri., Oct. 17th – Teacher In-Service Day (No School)
Mon. Oct. 20th – Turn-in Box Tops to Marion


1. The Yard Sale on Sept. 20th was very successful as it raised $567 for the school. Thanks to all the parents that donated items and especially to Jim and Mary Bird of Orono for hosting it in their front yard. Special thanks to Tiffany Dickinson, Dennis Coyne and Bill Walker for helping out during the day.
2. Bottles & Cans Please bring your returnables directly to Skeeters on Stillwater Ave. (across from Methodist Church) Just drop them off & tell them they are for the Montessori School. If you can not drop them off, then bring them to school and Joe will collect them to drop off. All proceeds to help with school activities and field trips. We really appreciate your support in this!
3. Pizzeria UNO. Please come and help celebrate 20 years of Stillwater Montessori School! The school gets a 20% (appropriate percentage!) portion of all sales for Oct. 16th noon through dinner. Coupons to be presented with your bill are being given out to SMS parents and alumni. There will be a special presentation with cake for all at 7 p.m. October 16th at Pizzeria UNOs. Everyone is invited to share in this special evening. Coupons will be distributed. Plan on attending this fun evening!
4. Hannaford Store Program. All “school dollars” given at Hannaford Stores for certain products are collected and then credited to SMS. See flyer in your parent folder.
5. General Mills Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s labels for Education Programs. Marion Young-Talon has offered to coordinate these programs. Please bring in your box tops and labels to school. The deadline for the Box tops is Oct. 20th. Thanks for you support!
6. Dutch Bulb Orders. Order forms are going out and need to be returned by Oct. 10th. Order will then be received by Nov. 1st so that bulbs can be planted for spring blooming.


1. 10th Year Celebration of the Outdoor Classroom and Demonstration Forest on Tuesday, Sept. 30th. From 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Elementary students are making education presentations from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. There will be a complimentary lunch provided. All parents / students are invited.

2. Picture Release form. Please return this attached form as soon as possible. The school takes many photos during the year and often uses them for publicity purposes and for press releases. We need to have parent permission for this. We need to know especially if you DO NOT want photos of your child taken. We can not include them in any group photos for newspaper etc. without your permission. Thanks.
3. Kazuko Igarashi, the Japanese intern hosted by our school since April will be leaving in January 2004. She has been here learning English and working with the Primary students. She’s doing a great job and her English is improving all the time. If you are planning any adventures or trips and have room for Kazuko to accompany you, please let her know. Or, if you’d like to have her over for dinner or just to visit, likewise let her know. These opportunities will give her more chances to interact with and get to know more Americans and practice English. Also, if you would be interested in hosting a Japanese intern in the future, please let Joe or Joanne know. This is an on-going program to give Japanese students opportunities to learn English and share Japanese culture by being sponsored by a school and staying with parents or staff of that school.
4. Work Study Students. In the last couple weeks many UM students have started at our school in the work study programs – America Reads or America Counts. They will be helping the classroom teachers in tutoring students in language development (America Reads) or math and science (America Counts). They will also be helping in the classroom and during recess / lunch. Please welcome them to our school community.
5. Student Teachers. Student teachers will be assigned to our school from various programs for various periods of time. Yoko Leonard is with Joanne this fall finishing up her student teaching that she started last spring. Other students will be coming from the UM nursing program , Maine Community College in Bangor and the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Maine.
6. Conflict Resolution. Please see the attached Peace Curriculum that we use at all levels at Stillwater Montessori School. We promote peace and harmony and help students deal with conflicts in a non-violent manner. We need parent support in this. Please read it over and ask the staff if there are any questions.


The Peace Curriculum is being presented to the students and is very important. Please see the attached “I Care Cat” Rules. Students are finishing up the Apple and leaf unit this week. Next week (Sept. 29- Oct. 3rd) is Fire Safety Week. The Old Town Fire Dept. will have a fire Truck visit the school on Oct. 7th at 10:30 a.m. During October the focus of the curriculum is Children of the World and UNICEF, Adaptive Equipment and Creatures of the Night. Please remember that fall is here and students need warm clothes for outside. Please keep a change of clothes in the cubbies. REMEMBER TO LABEL THEM!


Irene Jackson’s Upper Elementary class is taking a 3 – day field trip to Boston to learn first hand about the American Revolution. It will be a fun educational trip. Mary Bird, Catherine Davis and Tiffany Dickinson are helping with transportation and chaperone duties.
Al Duplessis’s Lower Elementary class is finishing up work on the Wildlife Garden part of the Outdoor Classroom as part of the NGS grant. They along with the Upper Elementary have been visiting the Outdoor Classroom the last 3 Wednesdays and working on site with Dave Thompson, a forester and Paul Hughes, a soil and plant specialist. The next unit of study is money and they will visit a nearby bank.


Bonjour! French is going very well for all classrooms. The primary children are focusing on introductions, feelings and manners. The upper elementary is busy learning about French culture and geography, while the lower elementary is hard at work on numbers and the alphabet. All the children are doing great remembering from last year and learning new things.


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