November 2003

Tues. Oct. 28th ­- OWLS program by Stan Richmond, Bird’s Acre Ellsworth.
Wed. Oct. 29th ­ - All School Parent Meeting at Primary School 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Fri. Oct. 31st - All School Party at Elementary School (map on reverse side) pick-up time 11:30 a.m.
Tues. Nov. 11th­ - Veteran’s Day NO SCHOOL
Wed. Nov 12th­ - Spaghetti Dinner at Elementary School
Mon. Nov. 17th ­- “Habitats” 9-11:00 a.m. at Elementary ­ presented by UM students
Tues. Nov 25th ­- All School Harvest Feast at Elementary School-pick-up at 11:30 a.m.
Fri. Nov. 28th - No School for Thanksgiving Break

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We at Stillwater Montessori School would like to thank all of you for your generous and delicious snacks the children have really enjoyed them. This is just a REMINDER that there are quite a few children, that are allergic to NUTS, therefore PLEASE read labels for traces of nuts and please avoid this snack choice. Thank you. - The SMS Staff.


1. A special “Thank You!” to all those that joined us for the 20Th Year Celebration of Stillwater Montessori School at UNO’s Pizzeria. There were at least 100 past & present parents & students in attendance. It was a really fun night and we’ll do it again!

2. The Dutch Bulb Orders are in! Look for the bulbs in 2-3 weeks. Thank you
for your support!

3. The first order for the General Mills Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s Labels for Education has been processed and sent in. Please keep
collecting them & sending them in as this is an ongoing fundraising effort.

4. Returnable Bottles & Cans: This is also an ongoing fundraiser, so please bring your bottles and cans to Skeeters on Stillwater Ave.,(across from the Methodist Church). Drop them off and tell them they are for the Stillwater Montessori School. If you cannot drop them off for some reason, bring them to school and Joe will take them there. All proceeds to help with school activities and field trips. Thank you!


OWL PROGRAM - Tuesday, Oct. 28th ­ 9:00 a.m. at Elementary and 10:30 a.m. at
Primary. Parents are welcome to attend. Stan Richmond from Bird’s Acre in Ellsworth will bring several owls for students to look at and touch and
learn about!

All SMS Parent’s Meeting ­ Wednesday, Oct. 29th at 6:30 p.m. at Primary
Location. Agenda will be 6:30 p.m. All School News and Activities and then
7:00 p.m. breakout to Primary and Elementary to discuss both programs and
what students are doing. Great opportunity to learn about your child’s day and ask questions!

All School Party: Friday, October 31st will be our first all school party.
This event will be held at the Elementary School and pick-up time will be 11:30 a.m. There will be lots of fun games and crafts for the children to
do. Students are to come to the party in costume if they wish. Please
refrain from really scary or violence-oriented costumes. Thanks.
We do need your help for refreshments and a few craft items. There will be a sign-up poster at each school-PLEASE look this over and sign up to bring an item in. We do need to have the items at the schools no later than Thursday,
October 30th. If you would like to volunteer for the party, that would also
be appreciated. Just let the staff know.

Primary News

Marion’s Classroom: We have been busy studying about nocturnal animals;
making owls, bats and spiders. We will be talking about UNICEF this week
and passing out collection boxes for students to take with them “trick or
treating.” The next unit of study will be Native Americans. If at any time
you have any family celebrations that you would like to share with the
students, please let me know. Our classroom has Devin, a student teacher
in our classroom on Wednesdays for an 100 hr. placement. Please meet her if
you have a chance. Thanks for all the plastic bags that parents have brought it. We appreciate it! We are caught up now, but may ask again for bags. The Holiday book orders will be sent in the next 3 weeks so that we can insure delivery before the holidays. It is a great way to find gifts.
Please remember inside shoes and appropriate outer wear. Please also have extra clothes in your child’s cubby. Please remember to return your child’s take home bag for the following week. Thanks for your support.

- Marion

Joanne’s Classroom: Our classroom has been busy celebrating our differences as well as our similarities as friends. We have made ourselves (on people paper) and have mounted them as friends on our world quilt. Also we are
practicing and singing songs in English, Japanese, French and Sign Language. We have enjoyed Kindermusik and French lessons each week. We have learned about nocturnal and diurnal animals. We look forward to the visit of Stan Richmond and his owls. Next we will learn about UNICEF and how we can help children less fortunate than ourselves. We are reading lots to fill our 100b ook chart to earn books for other children. We celebrated Yoko Leonard’s finishing her student teaching with us and welcome Sarah Gordon, who will be student teaching with us through December. Next week we will begin our studies of the continent of North America. We will talk about geographic regions and Native American populations. We will also be preparing for our all school feast in November. I want to thank all the parents for your support of time, lessons, books
and materials for the classroom. Recently, Laura May and her son, Cole
shared Baba Yaga, the Russian Witch with us. We made Baba Yaga puppets and
learned a song! Please remember our door is always open….we really enjoy
having parents spend time with us.

Joanne’s Afternoon Kindergarten Group: The afternoon group has had a
wonderful fall! We enjoy listening to read a-louds and have finished Charlotte’s Web & Stuart Little, (both by E.B. White) and recently, Ramona,
The Pest by Beverly Clearly. The students enjoy reading books and are
choosing books to read and share with parents. We have been busy with our
math skills as well and many students are playing the bank game (counting
numbers 1 to 9,999!) The field trip to the forest was great and we made a
book for our book corner on our adventures including photos! Yoko Leonard did a unit on people of Asian countries. We all “traveled” with her to China, Korea, India and Japan. We are now making World maps and learning
our continents. We are looking forward to our next unit on North

- Joanne

Elementary News

Al’s Lower Elementary: The class is finishing up our study unit on Money.
They should all now be able to make change or at least know what all the
denominations of coins and paper bills are. We also finished our Habitat
Heroes project “Wildlife Gardens) at the PLT Outdoor classroom. We
transplanted some plants and refurbished the trails with wood chips. Next we will visit it in the Winter to do an inventory of animals using outdoor classroom by the tracks we find. Our next study unit is on Space, focusing on our Solar System. For Music we have been going to the University of Maine to work with the Elementary Education Music majors on Thursdays. It has been really great... ask the students. For Art, we all went and did grave stone rubbings at a nearby grave yard. We are having a blast at school and time is flying by.

Irene’s Upper Elementary: The class is finishing up our Colonial studies with work on the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our next study unit is on Space and the Origins of the Universe and the many geography activities that will go with this unit. The students are doing many math projects and special designs. There are some cooking projects being done as well! A parent, Richard May, came and helped us plant some wild seeds to transplant into our “Wildlife Garden” next spring. This is part of our "Habitat Heroes” project. The students are also working on a short play on the American Revolution to be performed at the Nov. 12th Spaghetti Supper.


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