December 2003 - January 2004
Dear SMS Parents,

#1. Due to storm warnings for tonight and tomorrow (Monday 12/15) I decided to send an email reminder about our school closing procedures. Stillwater Montessori School is closed anytime the Old Town school system is closed for weather. So if you hear or see Old Town school as being closed due to weather, then Stillwater Montessori School will likewise be closed. Stillwater Montessori School will additionally call its closing into TV Ch. 2 and to FM stations 92.9 (easy listening) and 95.7 (oldies) to be listed. If in doubt for any reason, please call the school (827-2404).

#2. Joanne's Parent Conferences are STILL TO BE HELD as originally scheduled for Monday if parents can make it to school. Otherwise they will be rescheduled for Tuesday 12/16 at the same time. Please coordinate with
Joanne. (827-2404)

#3. The Donation Toy Box to be given to a local charity for needy children is going well. If you would still like to make a donation, the last
collection day will be on Friday, 12/19 at the all school holiday party. (P.S. see attached letter for details.)

#3. Holiday Party on Friday, 12/19 will be at the elementary location. Student pick-up will be at 11:30 am. This is the last day of school for the year 2003. It is also the last day for our Japanese intern, Kazuko. Her next placement is Springfield, Illinois. We really enjoyed having her at Stillwater Montessori School and wish her well for the rest of her stay in the USA.

#4. School Resumes on Monday, Jan. 5th 2004! Please have a safe and fun holiday season!

Sincerely, Joe

P.S. click here to see forecast snowfall for Monday 12/15.


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