January 2004-February 2004
The fall seemed to fly by and suddenly it’s 2004! The weather has been
different…lots of rain then bitter cold, especially this past week. We have had 3 students leave the school as their families moved. Sierra and Brendan Dickinson have moved to Kentucky and Delilah Talon has moved to Searsport, Maine. However, the School has enrolled 3 new students:
Daniel Webber- Joanne’s Primary classroom, Emmanuel Hurlburt ­ Marion’s
Primary classroom, and Zachary Leavitt ­ Al’s Lower Elementary classroom.
Please help us welcome these students and their families to our school
The University Work Study students have returned and are getting their
schedules in place. The school is fortunate to have them to help in all our classrooms. Also, the UM graduate students from the Conley Speech and
Hearing Center have begun their schedule working with our students at both the Primary and Elementary levels. Later this spring, we will have UM Nutrition students working with us in our Primary classrooms. There will be field placement students working with our teachers in their classrooms as well.


IMPORTANT NOTICE. Stillwater Montessori School will NOT be offering
vacation childcare for February 16-20th and April 19-23rd. However, some of
our work study students and staff are available to help out with childcare
at your home. Their names w/telephone numbers will be posted on the school
bulletin boards. Please make your own arrangements.

RE-ENROLLMENT for the 2004-2005 School Year will be done during February.
It is very important for Stillwater Montessori School to know how many
students will be returning next year in its primary classrooms, in order to
contact those on the waiting list. Likewise, it is very important to see
what enrollment will be in the elementary programs for planning purposes of space and staffing. Please look for the re-enrollment forms in your folders.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Old Town School is taking proposals for the lease of the Herbert Sargent School next year. These need to be submitted by January 31, 2004. If you have any thoughts or input for the proposal please let Joe Alex, Monica Mayer (Tyler’s Mom) or Susan MacKay (Stuart’s Mom) know by this Friday January 23rd. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Joe and Joanne met with Old Town Superintendent Matthew Oliver on Tuesday January 13th to find out more about it. We presently plan on submitting a lease proposal for our elementary programs.

Last year Stillwater Montessori School helped establish a library at a school in Nicaragua, coordinated by Sarah Kennedy for the organization, La Esperanza Granada (working to break the cycle of poverty in Nicaragua with education). This year we will again be sending home the Spanish book club flyers to our parents. Anyone who would like to order some books to add to the library, we know it will be greatly appreciated. This is our Valentine’s Day Outreach Project. The orders need to be returned to school No Later Than Jan. 26th, so we can order the books and have them to our school by our All School Party on Feb. 13th. We will have the children again sign the books their family donates and put SMS book labels in them. We will give them to Sarah and Julie to take to Nicaragua at the end of February to add them to the school library. Look for a letter with the flyers in your school folder / cubby. Thanks.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB. This after school program is off to a great start. It meets every other Thursday at either the UM Page Farm and Home Museum or SMS Elementary location. See schedule on school bulletin boards. If you know a child in the community who would like to join us, please have them contact Joe or Joanne. Open to all K-8 students. Thanks!

CHESS CLUB. This after school program meets on Tuesdays from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. and is open to the community. Please see Al or Joe for details.

CULTURE CLUB. Arrangements are being made with UM Global Links to have
several after-school programs. The first one will be on Ireland, date to be
announced. All students, and parents are welcome to attend these events.

SMS POOL PARTY. This FUN SMS Family Activity will be held at the Old Town YMCA on a Sunday afternoon. The exact date has not been finalized yet.
There will be a small fee to cover costs. There will be a sign-up on the
school bulletin boards. Keep a look out for it!

- Joe Alex, SMS Director

It’s been a busy start to the New Year as we have talked about snow and
cold. We have created snow people and made puppet shows with the characters
from the folktale The Mitten. This past week we talked about quilts (trying
to stay warm!) and made a 9­patch quilt as a class project. We ate edible
patchwork pizzas. We have had fun. Next week we will be talking about
animals in winter and what they do to stay warm. Our next study unit will
be space. We have welcomed a new friend to our classroom, Daniel Webber and everyone has helped him to adjust to a new school. He has been a great
addition to our class.
Thank you all for remembering to sign up and bring snack. They have been
wonderful and enjoyed by all the students.
If you ever have any questions or want to spend time at school, do not
hesitate to let us know! We always enjoy having parents visit or share
presentations with us.
- Joanne

Welcome to Year 2004! The classroom has jumped right back into the swing
of things. We are busy with the new materials. The Polar Regions are our
main focus along with quilting. We are looking forward to Bruce Williamson’
s visit on Tuesday afternoon (1/20). He has just recently turned from
Antarctica. We have a new student in our classroom, Emmanuel Hurlburt.
Please welcome him and his family to our school and classroom.

We have been very busy studying the Polar Regions. We have learned about the
Arctic Tundra and the animals that live there. We also have discovered we
share in Maine some of the same animals of the tundra such as the eagle, the
black bear, the mosquito and the woolly bear, just to mention a few! We have
learned what it might be like to live there, especially as we have
experienced two weeks of the Arctic Air! One day we learned all the
adaptations a polar bear has to protect him from the cold. We sure wish we
had a few of them.
We have also talked about Antarctica and it’s best-known inhabitant, the
penguin. We finished reading Mr. Popper’s Penguin’s our chapter book. We
look forward to Matthew’s Dad’s visit and our Magic School Bus field trip to
the University to see the ice cores from Antarctica at Sawyer Environmental
Building as well as visit the Inuit Gallery at the Hudson Museum.
Our next chapter book will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Our next unit of study will be space.
We continue to work on our individual reading, math, and writing skills.
Most recently we wrote what our favorite snack on a cold winter day was.
Everyone wrote and got what they wanted—hot chocolate, cookies, Oreos, soup,
pizza and s’mores! We had fun eating our favorite snack on a cold winter
day last Friday!
Again if you have any questions or want to spend time with us---please do not hesitate to join us! Thanks!
- Joanne

The first two weeks in January we have been talking about Black History and the people who were responsible for the great changes in the civil rights movement and before. The book we are reading to the class tells about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During the next few weeks we will be doing more earth science, from plate tectonics to the study of rocks and minerals in the classroom. We have started Lego Robotics projects in the classroom, which are lots of fun. A new student, Zachary Leavitt has joined our class. Please meet him and his family and welcome them to our school. Please note that the January snack dues are due as soon as possible. Check with us about your snack fund status. Thanks for your support.
- Al

Students will share their space and creation of the universe projects on Thursday, January 22 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in the Elementary School lunch room. Please try to catch our skit at 4:30 p.m. For our next unit, we will take a brief look at the elements of the periodic table. Then we are looking forward to experiments with fast plants, mutant corn, and zebra fish as part of our upcoming unit on evolution and genetics.


Our Specials- French, music, art and creative movement continue to go very
well. The students are learning a lot and enjoying the classes.

FRENCH- In French the primary students have been learning all the winter
words to go with our units. They have also learned “Frosty the Snowman” in
French. In the lower elementary they are learning to count to 100 while the
upper elementary works on parts of speech, especially verbs and adjectives.

ART- Art for the Primary Students will be on Thursday afternoon this
semester, not Wednesday! We will make sure the students know. The elementary
will still have art and all its specials on Fridays.

MUSIC- The children continue to enjoy the Kindermusik program with Shauna
and have made their own shakers to use at home.

VIOLIN- The students are already back in the swing of things with Norah on
Monday and Wednesday afternoons.


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