April 2004
PRIMARY OPEN HOUSE: Weds. April 7th , 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Please invite friends / neighbors to come and visit. The classrooms will be open and the staff available for questions. A short video will be shown and refreshments will be available.

SMS SUMMER PROGRAM: The Stillwater Montessori School SUMMER PROGRAM will NOToccur. Unfortunately, Staffing is not available to be able to run it this summer. The summer will be used instead to do needed School and playground repairs.

PRIMARY FIELD TRIP to UM WHITTIER FARM, Tues. April 13th, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Parents are welcome to join us as chaperones. See Joanne or Marion.

PRIMARY LOST & FOUND CLOTHES: Please check the Primary school porch foryour child's lost belongings. All clothes not claimed will be donated to Goodwill on Fri., April 9th.

FRENCH LIBRARY: A parent, Marie Therrian will be going to Canada over Spring vacation and will get French books for the School. To raise money for this we are doing a bottle/can drive. Bring your returnables to school by Friday, April 9th. Merci Beaucoup!

SPRING CELEBRATION, Friday, April 16th in the morning at the Elementary Location. Student pick-up is at 11:30 a.m.

SPRING VACATION Begins on Friday, April 16th at the conclusion of the Spring Celebration. School resumes on Monday, April 26th.

FLASH! ELEMENTARY PARENTS: SKATE at ALFOND ARENA on Friday, April 2nd.(Tomorrow) 11:15 a.m. Cost is $3 ($4 if you need to rent skates). Parents are welcome to join in for skating and lunch. See Irene or Al.

MEETING for CAMP-IN at BOSTON MUSEUM of SCIENCE (APRIL 28-29th: Elementary parents are asked to attend a short meeting , Monday, APRIL 12th at 4:00p.m. to go over trip, schedule, transportation, costs, etc. Any questions: contact Al, Irene or Joe.

MUD SEASON: SMS PLAYGROUNDS: An issue every year. Several parents have shared their concerns and the staff discussed this at length at a staff meeting. Besides not going outside at all, which is not an option, here is what will be done.
At Primary:
1. Fresh woodchips will be put under the swings.
2. Rope or block off very wet & muddy areas and keep children out of them.
3. Make sure students have boots, snow pants, gloves on to keep their clothes, clean and dry.
At Elementary:
1. Block off very muddy and wet areas & keep students out of them.
2. Organize games on portion of parking lot.
3. Take students to nearby public playground for noon recess time.
4. Make sure students are dressed appropriately for outdoor play.


PRIMARY 1 (Joanne's Class): The class is watching eggs in the incubator and the chicks should hatch next week. In the classroom we are learning about spring, the Rainforest and Farm animals. South America is our cultural study area. We have enjoyed learning about the layers of the rainforest as well as the products of the rainforest. We made our own tropical rainforest snack mix (dried fruits and chocolate, of course!) We have learned all about rubber and how it is made. We have been busy and excited! Next week we will start our farm unit.

PRIMARY 2 Marion's Class: The students have been working on their rainforest mural; it is nearly complete! We had great discussions about the variety of animals found there. We made South American instruments, rain sticks and pan flutes. We will be telling about the farm for the next two weeks. Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, horses and the rest of MacDonald's farm will be touched upon. This will get us ready for our farm trip, date to be announced. Once again, if you have any specialties in any of these areas, please let me know. Enjoy the arrival of spring! Take care, Marion

EXTENDED DAY: Devin (a student teacher) has been doing a great unit on Smokey the Bear, which will end Friday, April 2nd (tomorrow) with a visit from a Maine Forest Ranger, his truck, and of course Smokey the Bear!

UM NUTRITION STUDENTS: They have started working with the students in both primary classrooms. They are doing a great job teaching them about the food pyramid and making healthy snacks.

LOWER ELEMENTARY (Al's Class): In science, the students have been investigating levers and pulleys and are now starting on gears. Plans for the outdoor classroom and wildlife garden are being worked on along with the Upper elementary students and a field trip is being planned for next week; weather permitting. The students have also been having fun working on the class play "Paul Bunyan" to be performed for parents. (Date TBA) We have a new student in our class, Anna Ellis from Orono. Please welcome her and her family to our class and school community. Al

UPPER ELEMENTARY (Irene's Class): We have a new student in our class, Ashley Rowlett from Milford. Please welcome her and her family to our class and school community. Students are busy growing mutant corn and "fast plants" as part of their unit on genetics and evolution. They also have a healthy crop of seedlings coming up for the school's butterfly garden. We will soon be wrapping up the evolution unit and moving on to our study of Europe for Culturefest. Students are also busy with writing and practicing original short plays. Irene


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