October 2004

Bottle Drive: On-going! Thanks to all the parents that are dropping off returnables! Keep it Up! Reminder: Just drop your returnable bottles/cans to Skeeters Redemption on Stillwater Ave. Skeeters is on the left on the way to Old Town Shop N’ Save An account is all set up for the school. You just drop them off anytime and say it’s a donation to Stillwater Montessori School. If you wish, you may bring them to School (either Primary and Elementary) and the staff will take care of them. Thanks VERY MUCH for your support.

Box Tops & Campbell’s Soup labels: Please save your “Box Tops for Education” labels and Campbell Soup labels as they can be used for School
fundraising . There are collection boxes at both school locations. Marion
is coordinating this collection. Please see her for details.

Hannaford for Education: There are coupons for certain items at Hannaford that are advertised as “School Dollar” items. Turn these into the school for savings for the school.

Supper: A School Family Fundraising Supper hosted by the Elementary/Middle School Programs is scheduled for Oct. 27th. Please look for details. The students will help prepare this meal.

Dutch Bulbs: Order already sent in! and should be back in 7-10 days!
Linda Hall is coordinating this order. Thanks.

After-School Programs

Chess Club: First meeting had over 20 attending, and the next meeting is Oct. 6th from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. and every Weds. for 8 weeks. It is open to
the community and instruction will be given. All are welcome. Please Come.

Environmental Club: First meeting will be Oct. 7th at UM Page Farm Museum from 3:30 to 5;00 p.m. This is also open to the public for ages K thru 8th grade. Please sign up at School.

Culture Club: The first program is scheduled for Thurs. Oct. 21st
Featuring the French culture in Maine. There will be a special performance
by Micheal Parent, French singer, songwriter and storyteller. Look for more information to come on this!

Children’s Chorus: Shauna Stratton-Meier will instruct this singing program. It started and meets on Mondays at the Elementary and is open to the community. There is a small fee for this great program. Please sign-up at school for this and if there are questions, please call Shauna at 989-2458.

Special Instruction: (All have started)

Art: Jami Cass (formerly Bradshaw) on Thursdays at both Primary and Elementary.

French: Alexandra Todorova has French instruction at the Primary classrooms on Wednesday & Thursday mornings and Elementary on Tuesday mornings.

Music: Shauna Stratton-Meier provides music instruction at the Primary on Monday and Wednesday mornings and at the Elementary on Friday mornings.

Creative Movement / Physical Education: Cid Dyjak provides creative movement lessons at the Primary after lunch on Wednesdays. He does Physical Education at the Elementary on Friday mornings.

Suzuki Violin: Nora Bellows has started optional violin lessons at school on Thursdays. Call her at 942-0763 with any questions.

Music at UM: The Elementary students are going to UM from 11: a.m. to Noon on Thursdays to participate in the elementary music instruction course. Laura Artesani is the instructor.


Conley Speech and Hearing Center Graduate Students: Several grad students are now working with our students at both the primary and elementary locations.
Work Study Tutors: We are slowly filling our work study positions of America Reads and America Counts tutors. It is a great program that benefits everyone. Please meet these college students as they work with our students. Husson College Occupational Therapy Dept. has placed 3 practicum students at our school ­ one at the Primary and two at the Elementary.

PARENT MEETING: This will be held on Monday, October 18th at the Elementary 6:30 ­ 8:00 p.m. We will discuss how the Montessori programs work at both the primary and elementary. There will be a discussion and hand-outs. Alison Williamson and Elisabeth Daub will conduct a very short “Friends of Stillwater Montessori School” meeting to discuss future family activities and SMS fundraising Plan to come! Please sign-up at school.


Joanne’s Primary Class: It has been a busy and fun fall with glorious days to enjoy. The children are really forming a community and we are enjoying our time together. “I Care Cat” has visited, we have tasted a variety of apples, our butterflies have hatched or are wintering over and now we are studying fire safety. We are learning all we can in anticipation of the fire truck visit on Friday, October 15th. Next week we will begin our units for October. We will be talking about creatures of the night, (bats, owls, spiders, etc.) in hopes of dispelling any fears we may have about them. We will be learning about children all over the world as well as about adaptive equipment that help us when needed. As a class we will read 100 books for the Scholastic Classrooms Care Project. There will be a letter going home
next week to explain the project. The children will be offered a chance to
participate in UNICEF as well. We will also start our “Special Person of the Week”. This is where each child throughout the year will have an opportunity to share about themselves with us through photos, books, special toys, etc. Your child will know when it’s their week with a flyer on their
cubby. Just so you know, we start with the oldest students and work toward the younger ones. This way we honor the oldest as role models! We look forward to new work and fun projects together. Jordan is our only October
Birthday. We celebrated Ben and Ashland’s in September. If you have any questions about your child’s day, please do not hesitate to ask! You may call or see me anytime. Joanne

Joanne’s Extended Day Class: The afternoon extended day group has been busy. We have finished “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White and watched the movie. We are now working on activities in preparation for our field trip on Monday, Oct. 18th with Mary Bird’s science methods class at the University of Maine. We will be going to the Project Learning Tree Outdoor Classroom in Old Town. We are studying what makes a good habitat for animals. We watched a video, “A Home for Pearl” by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We learned about habitats for robins, owls and eagles. We played games about the 4 needs that make habitats special: food, water, shelter and space. This week in conjunction with Fire Safety week, we have been doing a unit with Devin on “Smokey the Bear” and taking care of our forests. Next we will focus on the trees themselves and their leaves. Next week, on Friday, Oct. 15th, Rob Baldwin (Ella’s Dad) will tell us all about amphibians and what kind of habitat they require. We all enjoy our work and are eager to read our books and do our math! Ask if you have any questions. -Joanne

Marion’s Primary Class: Happy Fall! We have begun a new unit in the classroom; our studies include fire safety, creatures of the night (owls, bats, etc.) and learning about adaptive equipment (wheel chairs, glasses, hearing aids, etc.) using dolls. The students have found the new raw
materials to their liking, jumping right in and having fun. We have also begun our letter of the week program. Every Tuesday, I will present a new letter to the group using objects, letters and booklets. The students can explore the items, trace upper and lower case letters and write words that begin with the letters’s sound. This week is letter “B”. Feel free to ask your child about the letter of the week and play games at home using the letters to expand their experience. -Marion


AL’s Lower Elementary Class: The children have adjusted well to the
classroom routine. One of the children commented to the class on how quiet
the room has become as the class becomes more aware of the noise level. The recent Whale watch trip was a huge success! The unit on Spore Making Plants went very well. All the students have demonstrated a new knowledge of these small but common plants. The next few weeks we will be learning to use the
common and metric units of measurement. Look for the children to express what they are learning over the coming weeks.

The students raised $54.75 to support the Rotary Club's "Mile Of Quarters" campaign to fight Polio in third world countries. They were very proud of this!

This is a reminder that the October Snack Fund money is now due. Thanks for
your continued support. -Al and Marci

Irene’s Upper Elementary Class: We have had many exciting experiences linked to our ocean unit. We had a fabulous trip to Moose Point State Park and to the Penobscot Marine Museum. The weather was great. We had fun exploring tide pools. Then we learned about lobstering and sailing at the museum. Students saw an exhibit of lobster art and learned to haul sails while singing a sea chantey. We even took a few minutes to visit Max's grandfather's very cool bicycle shop in Searsport. Next Tuesday we are headed to the University of Maine for an all-day water festival. Thanks go to the Millard family and to K.C. Edes who have made it possible for us to view the fabulous BBC production called Blue Planet. This is a super DVD on the unusual creatures being studied in the ocean today. A former parent Sara Lindsay will be coming to speak to us about the phenomenon of bioluminescence in the sea on Monday, October 18. Students are putting together a great store of knowledge and some wonderful projects. Feel free to stop in and check out what they are doing. We are planning a time for students to present their projects. Date and time TBA.

Thanks go to Richard May for his help planting the seedlings for our wildlife garden. Students planted the seeds last fall. Richard kept them over the winter for us, and we put the seedlings in the ground this fall. We hope the wild creatures will enjoy the leaves, berries, and blossoms these plants produce. - Irene

* NOTE: Parent News Flyers will be email only unless a hardcopy is requested. News Flyers will also be posted on the school’s website, www.stillwatermontessori.org. Thanks.


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