December 2004
Stillwater Montessori School follows the Old Town School system in calling off school due to weather. If Old Town schools are closed then Stillwater Montessori School is also closed.

TV ­ CH.2 (WLBZ)
RADIO ­ FM: Q106.5, Z107.3, WEZQ 92.9, WWMJ 95.7, AM: WDEA 1370
(If in doubt please call the school at 827-2404)

The School is collecting toys to give to SPRUCE RUN (for area children) These are unwrapped toys in reasonable good shape. We appreciate your support in this. We do need to receive all toy donations by DECEMBER 15th.

HOLIDAY PARTY at Keith Anderson Community Center, Bennock Road in Orono (Next to Post Office) on Wednesday, December 15th at 5:30 p.m. (We need to be finished NLT 7:15 p.m. so a Yoga Class can use the space. It should not be a problem. It will be a music program and violin recital. AND NO refreshments will be served. All students will be participating. Please be early. Thanks.

LAST DAY of School for the Year 2004 is Wednesday, December 22nd! There will be a Holiday Celebration for the whole school at the Elementary location (Holy Family Parish) that morning and student pick-up is at 11:30 a.m. Lori Covey is the party coordinator. Please see sign-up for parent volunteers to help out at party and for snacks. Ask the staff if there are any questions. School resumes Monday, January 3, 2005.

Please do not exit onto Stillwater Ave. directly from the parking lot. Go out the back! It is set up as ONE-WAY from Stillwater Ave. to the back road. Please park in rear of playground and do not go “against” traffic to park next to the school. Remember to
drive slow and “Always” watch for students! Thanks. Safety is our Top concern.

Fundraising Notes:
The Mexican Supper was a great success! It raised over $200. Thanks for all your support. It was fun to see all the families and visit and raise funds for the elementary school trip this spring. Look for another supper this spring.

You have all received a catalog: “For Small Hands: A Resource For Families” You can earn free materials for The school with your order! When you order $50 or more of merchandise from this catalog between October 1 and December 31, 2004, they will send a credit memo to Stillwater Montessori School equal to 10% of the purchase. Great gift ideas abound in this catalog! There is still time to order! So please consider placing an order!

Bottle Drive:
On-going! Thanks to all the parents that are dropping off returnables! Keep it Up! Reminder: Just drop your returnable bottles/cans to Skeeters Redemption on Stillwater Ave. Skeeters is on the left on the way to Old Town Shop N’ Save An account is all set up for the school. You just drop them off anytime and say it’s a donation to Stillwater Montessori School. OR If you wish, you may bring them to School (either Primary and Elementary) and the staff will take care of them. Thanks VERY MUCH for your support.

ON-Going! - Box Tops & Campbell’s Soup labels:
Please save your “Box Tops for Education” labels and Campbell Soup labels as they can be used for School fundraising . There are collection boxes at both school locations. The School has received nearly $100 in the first submission this fall. Please keep collecting as there will be another due date in the Spring. Thanks!! Many thanks to Marion for coordinating this. Please ask her if there are any questions.

After-School Programs

Chess Club:
Another after-school chess program will be held in the spring.

Chess Team:
Those students interested in being on a Chess Team and competing with other schools and in the Maine State Chess Tournament will practice and go to matches Practice and match schedule is being developed. The team will hopefully compete in the State Meet in March 2005.

Environmental Club:
We had a wonderful fall and look forward to a great spring. It will start up again in January. The dates will be posted. ***LOOK***

Culture Club:
The next program is this Thursday, Dec. 9th from 3:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. on “Holidays Around the World” University of Maine Students (via Global Links) will share their countries holiday customs, music and food. Countries include: Wales, Kenya, Bulgaria and Vietnam. Program will be at the Elementary location and All are welcome. Please sign up!

Children’s Chorus:
Shauna Stratton-Meier has a great group singing every Monday after school at the elementary. For questions call Shauna at 989-2458.

Special Instruction:

Jami Cass on Thursdays at both Primary and Elementary.

Alexandra Todorova has French instruction at the Primary classrooms on Wednesday & Thursday mornings and Elementary on Wednesday mornings.

Shauna Stratton-Meier provides music instruction at the Primary on Monday and Wednesday mornings and at the Elementary on Friday mornings.

Creative Movement / Physical Education:
Cid Dyjak provides creative movement lessons at the Primary after lunch on Wednesdays. He does Physical Education at the Elementary on Friday mornings.

Suzuki Violin:
Megan Grassi will take over lessons from Nora Bellows and these optional violin lessons at school will be on Fridays instead of Thursdays starting in January. Call her at 338-3853 if there are any questions.


SMS Parents Alison Williamson (866-4729) and Elisabeth Daub (862-3979) are helping to coordinate the “Friends of Stillwater Montessori School” Parent Group. Please contact them if you can help out with any upcoming activities and events or if you have ideas for SMS activities or events.


Celebrate the return to school! Please join us and meet new friends at a post holidays party on Saturday, Jan. 8 from 4:30 to 7:30 at the Williamson's house in Orono (172 Main Street, yellow house with red shutters. Park in driveway or on Main Street in front of house). It is a potluck, so please bring food or drink to share, as appropriate to your last name (see below).

Last names A-G = appetizer or salad
Last names H-M = main dish
Last names N-T = dessert
Last names U-Z = beverages

The parent committee will provide plates, cups, bowls, utensils, etc.

In addition to the festive party, we will feature a wine tasting (red wines) led by James Meier, Jordan's dad, who is a distributor and knows what he's talking about. Anyone interested in taking part should bring a bottle of red wine to share for the tasting. It would be a good idea to bring your own glass(es) as it's unlikely the Williamson household has enough to accommodate a whole tasting. We can rinse glasses between bottles if need be. Any questions, please call Alison Williamson at 866-4729 or send an email to


In late January, we have reserved the Hampden Pool for a school pool party. We thought it would be fun to change things a little by taking advantage of the fabulous slides and fun stuff at the Hampden Pool. There will be a small charge per family to help cover our costs. More details in early January.

The first Saturday in March, Shauna's theater company will perform "Sleeping Beauty" for us and as many community members as we can invite. The evening will be held at the Keith Anderson Community Center in Orono and will be a fundraiser for scholarship support. We will be asking for volunteers to make some yummy desserts of all sorts, cookies, cakes, pies, you name it, which we will sell at the performance. Then sit back, enjoy the show, the good company, and something delicious for your tummy! All proceeds will benefit the scholarship fund. We will be expecting some help advertising this event to families, friends and colleagues outside of the school community. It will be a terrific evening for all.

If you have not received any email notification from the parent coordinators (Alison and Elisabeth) during the fall, then you are probably not on their email list. Parent organization events and fundraising events are advertised primarily using electronic communication. If you would like to be included, please send a note to Alison with your email address and what class your child(ren) is (are) in. Alison will update her lists to include you.

Classes have been studying “Holidays Around the World” including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas traditions ( Europe)

Al’s lower elementary is studying different world religions. Irene’s upper elementary is having a Civil War unit and will have two members of the Maine 20th Re-enactment Regiment visit.


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