January 2005
REMINDER #1: “ SCHOOL CLOSING”Stillwater Montessori School follows the Old Town School system in calling off school due to weather. If Old Town schools are closed then Stillwater Montessori School is also closed.

TV ­ CH.2 (WLBZ)
INTERNET ­ www.wlbz2.com
RADIO ­ FM: Q106.5, Z107.3, WEZQ 92.9, WWMJ 95.7, AM: WDEA 1370
(If in doubt please call the school at 827-2404)

Please do not exit onto Stillwater Ave. directly from the parking lot. Go out the back! It is set up as ONE-WAY from Stillwater Ave. to the back road. Please park in rear of playground and do not go “against” traffic to park next to the school. Remember to drive slow and “Always” watch for students! Thanks. Safety is our Top concern.

Fundraising Notes:

Bottle Drive:
On-going! Thanks to all the parents that are dropping off returnables! We earned $103 as of 12-31-04 ! Reminder: Just drop your returnable bottles/cans to Skeeters Redemption on Stillwater Ave. Skeeters is on the left on the way to Old Town Shop N’ Save. An account is all set up for the school. You just drop them off anytime and say it’s a donation to Stillwater Montessori School. OR If you wish, you may bring them to School (either Primary and Elementary) and the staff will take care of them. Thanks VERY MUCH for your support.

Box Tops & Campbell’s Soup labels:
On-going! Please save your “Box Tops for Education” labels and Campbell Soup labels as they can be used for School fundraising. There are collection boxes at both school locations. The School has received nearly $100 in the first submission this fall. Please keep collecting as there will be another due date in the Spring. Thanks!! Many thanks to Marion for coordinating this. Please ask her if there are any questions.

(Planning meeting to be held in the near future ) Let Alison Williamson, Elisabeth Daub, Joe & Joanne Alex know if you can help with this. Thanks.

After-School Programs

Chess Club:
Al will hold an instructional chess club on Weds. After school starting next week. 1/12. Please let Al know if your child will be participating.
Chess Team:
Students on the SMS Chess Team and competing with other schools and in the Maine State Chess Tournament will practice on Weds after school
from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. There is the SMS Martin Luther King Tournament on
Jan. 17th and a chess play around in Ellsworth on Jan. 20th. Matches are
being schedules with Orono, Milford and Glenburn.
Environmental Club:
We had a wonderful fall and look forward to a great spring. It will start up again January 13th. Meeting Locations and schedule will be posted and emailed to participating parents.
Culture Club:
Programs being coordinated. Dates & Times TBA
Children’s Chorus:
Shauna Stratton-Meier continues this successful program every Monday after school at the elementary. For questions call Shauna at 989-2458.

Special Instruction:

Jami Cass continues with art on Thursdays starting Jan. 20th at both
Primary and Elementary.
Alexandra Todorova has French instruction at the Primary classrooms on Wednesday & Thursday mornings and Elementary on Wednesday mornings.
Shauna Stratton-Meier continues music instruction at the Primary on
Monday and Wednesday mornings and at the Elementary on Friday mornings.
Creative Movement/Physical Education:
Cid Dyjak continues creative movement lessons at the Primary after lunch on Wednesdays starting 1/12. He does Physical Education at the Elementary on Friday mornings starting 1/7.
Suzuki Violin:
Megan Grassi will take over lessons from Nora Bellows and these optional violin lessons at school will be on Fridays instead of Thursdays starting Jan. 7th at 9:30 a.m. Call her at 338-3853 if there are any questions.


SMS Parents Alison Williamson (866-4729) and Elisabeth Daub (862-3979) are helping to coordinate the “Friends of Stillwater Montessori School” Parent Group. Please contact them if you can help out with any upcoming activities and events or if you have ideas for SMS activities or events.

Saturday, Jan. 8th from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Join us for a potluck post-holidays party and wine tasting. Drop by the Williamson's house anytime between 4:30 and 7:30 on Saturday afternoon, bring something to share (see below for guidance) and have fun! This is a family fun event, so bring those kids! Everyone is invited -- families, teachers, staff, alums, etc.

In addition, we'll have a little extra fun with an informal wine tasting guided by James Meier (Jordan's dad and a wine distributor). James will bring a few bottles of red wine to start us off with some education (see, it's educational!!). Anyone who wants to take part, bring a bottle of red wine to share and we'll relax, learn something about wine, and pick our
personal favorites at the end. Should be fun.

It is a potluck affair, so please bring something to share: last names A-G = salad or appetizer H-M = main dish, N-T = dessert, U-Z = beverage

Any questions? Call Alison Williamson at 866-4729

Warmth in the middle of winter... Join in the fun at the Lura Holt Pool in Hampden on Saturday, January 22 from 10 am to 12 pm (we've reserved the lounge room for lunch from 11 am to 12 pm). The pool has several REALLY COOL slides and a very child-friendly shallow water entry area without any intimidating edges. Plus, it's WARM!

There will be sign up sheets attached to manila envelopes at both sites soon. Please sign up just so we have an idea how many people are planning to come; we need to let the pool managers know how many lifeguards they'll need to have on site. The cost for this morning of splashing is $5 for each family. Please put your money in the envelopes when you sign up (make checks out to Stillwater Montessori School and put "pool party" in the memo line).

Directions to Holt Pool from Orono and Bangor area:

I-95 south to the Dysarts Exit (the Hampden exit, sorry we don't know the exit number). Turn left at the end of the exit. At the first set of lights, turn right. At the next light, turn right again. The pool is the third building on the right, there is a sign by the street.


The first Saturday in March, Shauna's theater company will perform "Sleeping Beauty" for us and as many community members as we can invite. The evening will be held at the Keith Anderson Community Center in Orono and will be a fundraiser for scholarship support. We will be asking for volunteers to make some yummy desserts of all sorts, cookies, cakes, pies, you name it, which we will sell at the performance. Then sit back, enjoy the show, the good company, and something delicious for your tummy! All proceeds will benefit the scholarship fund. We will be expecting some help advertising this event to families, friends and colleagues outside of the school community. It will be a terrific
evening for all.

If you have not received any email notification from the parent coordinators (Alison and Elisabeth) during the fall, then you are probably not on their email list. Parent organization events and fundraising events are advertised primarily using electronic communication. If you would like to be included, please send a note to Alison with your email address and what class your child(ren) is (are) in. Alison will update her lists to include you.


Please Reminder Notes:
Please bring extra mittens for the cubby.
Please make sure there are extra clothes in the bathroom cubby.
Please mark all clothes, hats, boots, mittens, etc with name!
Please remember to sign up for snack!

Marion’s Primary Classroom:
We have breezed into the new year with great enthusiasm. Our new unit of study is the Polar Regions and quilting. Snow experiments are in the forecast as well. We are continuing the letter of the week; on Tuesday we will be constructing igloos from sugar cubes to
represent the letter “I”. If each family from the class could bring in a family photo (4x6 or smaller) by January 19th, we will attempt to make a family quilt for the classroom wall. Photos will be returned later. Thank you.

Joanne’s Primary Morning Classroom:
Welcome to the new year! We have all come back rested and ready to work! Our new units of study are the Polar Regions, Animals in Winter and Quilts. Julie Wilson has started us off with our quilting unit, explaining how and why quilts came to be. We have learned about the various patterns and hope to make some of our own. We will be traveling to the Polar Regions and learning what it would be like to live there. We will meet some of the animals along the way, such as
penguins and polar bears. Also we hope to for more snow as we talk about animals in winter and some of the ways we also adapt to the cold weather.! And have fun in the snow too! It has been a wonderful start. Our friends are busy and happy together. We will be talking the students about the “Giving Box” and we will hope to contribute the UNICEF Relief Fund for the Tsunami
Victims. We will also celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The first book order is due next Friday, Jan. 14th. We welcome parents to come for a visit or to share your expertise with us on our units of study! Remember… if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give a call.

Joanne’s Primary Afternoon Classroom (older students):
Everyone has been off to a very busy start with reading new books and learning new math games. We have many projects coming up to look forward to. Next week, Little Bear will start his adventures going home each night with one of the students. And they will do a journal entry on their adventures with Little Bear (which we will share the following day) We also started a pen pal program with the Indian Island School in Old Town. Both classes have made books about themselves which you may see in our book corner. I will be meeting with Karen Thomes, the teacher at Indian Island to plan visits both here and there. We are very excited to get to know new friends our age there! After reading the letters it sounds like we have a lot in common. We have been focusing on Antarctica this week and have learned much about it. We will be having Bruce Williamson visit Friday, Jan. 7th to tell us about his first hand experiences in Antarctica! We are very excited to hear what he has to say! Next week we will go to the North Pole and learn about the tundra and Inuit people. At the end of our studies we will have a field trip to the
Hudson Museum at UM and to see the ice cores stored on campus. A lot to
look forward to! Also when we do animals in Winter, we will be doing Peter & the Wolf and learning the sounds of the Orchestra. Clara and her mother, Youngmee will come and play their violins for us! Please remember that parents are always welcome to come in and visit. If you have any questions, please ask!


Al’s Lower Elementary Classroom:
Welcome back from the holidays. I hope that your holidays went as well as mine. As the year starts we will be learning about the air around us and the science related to the air. We will flow on to weather once we have the science background for air. The children will be predicting the weather before we are done. (Maybe better than TV 2’s weatherman Steve McKay, who we hope will come visit us!) We are just getting started putting together a play based on a book we are reading
in the classroom. With Sandra Hutchinson's help, we are letting the students write their own part into the play. The children are excited and so are we. We hope to perform the play in the near future. You will be receiving a note in the next few days about the winter chess club. The details will be in the letter but I hope you will encourage your child to participate. It will be held on Wednesdays after school. Just a short reminder that January snack money is now due.

Irene’s Upper Elementary Classroom:
A volunteer is teaching the upper
elementary students to knit. If the knitting catches on, students can make baby blankets, etc. for hospital patients as a service project. The students are completing the Civil War unit and will be presenting their projects on Weds, Jan. 12th at 5 p.m. In our next unit, students will be improving their research skills by completing an independent project. We are looking forward to many interesting explorations.

Parent News Flyers will be by email only unless a hardcopy is requested. News Flyers will also be posted on the school’s website. www.stillwatermontessori.org

submitted by Susan MacKay (parent)

In a world where "Google" has become synonymous with seeking information, it makes perfect sense to us that the young men who invented the Google.com search engine were educated in Montessori schools.
As Larry Page and Sergey Brin told Barbara Walters last week for the
television special, "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2004," their
Montessori educations led them to crave information and think creatively.

The two were Stanford University doctoral students in computer science when they became fast friends in the late 1990s. They began brainstorming solutions to a problem they noticed with the Internet: It offered too much
information with no way to sift it. They began experimenting with a search engine that used a variety of factors to categorize data on any given subject. When Google went public last summer, Page and Brin, both 31, became instant billionaires. But their dot.com enterprise never has been about money. While Page drives an environmentally friendly Prius, Brin doesn't even own a car. He uses inline skates as his main mode of transportation to and from his
rented apartment. "We feel like we're making a difference in the world -- giving people information that they want really quickly and effectively," Page has said.

Many might consider Page and Brin geniuses, yet the pair gives most credit for their success to their Montessori educations. They told Barbara Walters that Montessori schools taught them to think outside the usual rules.


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