March 2005

#1. * Special Note * FYI: There WILL be child-care available to SMS Parents during April Vacation at the Elementary Location. ( April 18th to 22nd ) Al Duplessis will be the Instructor and work study students will be working that week also. Laura Duplessis (Al’s wife) will be an assistant instructor. The costs will be $30 per day. Normal school hours will be kept – 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Please SIGN-UP if you are interested.

Fundraising Notes:

- SMS Bottle Drive: On-going! Thanks to all the parents that are dropping off returnables! We earned $157 as of 3-1-05 ! Reminder: Just drop your returnable bottles/cans to Skeeters Redemption on Stillwater Ave. Skeeters is on the left on the way to Old Town Shop N’ Save An account is all set up for the school. You just drop them off anytime and say it’s a donation to Stillwater Montessori School. OR If you wish, you may bring them to School (either Primary and Elementary) and the staff will take care of them. Thanks VERY MUCH for your support.

Thanks to all who participated in the Box Tops for Education Fundraiser. The School is proud to announce that the box tops collected has raised $83.00. The money will be sent to the school this spring so that we can put it to good use for your children.

CURRENT FUNDRAISING: Orders are in and need to be picked up. Also The school is enrolled online and orders can be made anytime at:
This is an easy opportunity for fundraising for the school. Please support the school with your orders!!

SCHOLARSHIP AUCTION & DANCE on May 14th (See SMS Family Activities info below)

After-School Programs
Chess Club: Al will hold an instructional after-school chess club on Wednesdays starting
March 30th w/ a match at the Airline School in Aurora on Wednesday, April 27th.

Chess Team: Students on the SMS Chess Team came in 2nd in the Novice division at the Maine State Chess Tournament. and received a nice trophy. Tyler Dama and Isaac McKillen-Godfried both were top individuals going undefeated in their matches. SMS Students competing were: Stanley Levisky, Aiden Coyne, Patrick Coyne, Tyler Dama, Isaac McKillen-Godfried, Nash Allan-Rahill, Maddy Allan-Rahill, Emily Daub, Emily Tyrell, Shira Hollinger and Micheal Coyne. Congratulations to them all !!

Environmental Club: Next club meeting is Mar. 31th at the UM Page Farm Museum. Vernal Pools w/Rob Baldwin (Ella’s Dad) and the Bangor Garden Show Exhibit will the two topics. We need volunteers to help set-up the exhibit for the garden show on Wednesday April 6th. Please let Joanne or Susan MacKay know if you are able to help. Thanks. Also we are scheduled to go to Fields Pond Nature Center on Thurs. April 28th for a Wonderful Wetlands Prgram. . We will take a bus both ways. The program will be from 3: 45 to 4:45. We will return to the primary school after the program for pick up by parents by 5:15 p.m. If you would like to go on the bus with us, please let Joanne or Joe know. This field trip is funded by the PPL Grant we received to do our vernal pool project. Please call the school (827-2404) if you have questions.

Culture Club: Programs being coordinated for May. Dates & Times TBA

Children’s Chorus: Shauna Stratton-Meier directs this singing program every Monday
after school at the elementary. For questions call Shauna at 989-2458.

Special Instruction:

Art: Jami Cass continues art lessons on every other Tuesday at both Primary and Elementary.
French: Alexandra Todorova has French instruction at the Primary classrooms on Wednesday & Thursday mornings and Elementary on Wednesday mornings.
Music: Shauna Stratton-Meier provides music instruction at the Primary on Monday and Wednesday mornings and at the Elementary on Friday mornings. Also After-School Children’s Choir is on Monday.
Creative Movement / Physical Education: Cid Dyjak provides creative movement lessons at the Primary after lunch on Wednesdays. He does Physical Education at the Elementary on Friday mornings
Suzuki Violin: Megan Grassi gives optional violin lessons at school on Fridays at 9:30 a.m. Call her at 338-3853 if there are any questions. FYI: Nora Bellows baby has arrived. Claire Louise Bellows was born 1-19-05 and was 8.1 lbs and 21.5 inches. Both Mom and Claire are fine! See card on the Primary Bulletin Board.


SMS Parents Alison Williamson (866-4729) and Elisabeth Daub (862-3979) are helping to coordinate the “Friends of Stillwater Montessori School” Parent Group. Please contact them if you can help out with any upcoming activites and events or if you have ideas for SMS activities or events.

Star Party this Friday – April 1st. There has been an excellent turn-out for this event. About 75 students, parents and friends have signed up. It starts at 4:30 p.m. Please be sure to sign up for which planetarium show time you will attend (5:30 or 7:00) and choice of pizza on school’s bulletin board at both school locations. This Must be done by Friday for the order to be called in. See you at the Memorial Union room 151!!

Bangor Youth Ballet: Swan Lake and Teddy Bear Picnic – April 16th
Shauna Strattonmeier has coordinated tickets for our school community for this wonderful event. It will be held at Peakes Auditorium, Bangor High School on Sat. April 16th at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are Adult $10 and Child $5.
Sign-Up for Tickets right away! On School bulletin boards.
Please call Shauna at 989-2458 if there are questions. Checks made out to the Bangor Youth Ballet.

Fundraising Auction

Saturday, May 14th from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Keith Anderson Community Center w/ Marsh Island Band.

We're just getting started on the organization of this really fun, fun(d)raising evening. We're planning a potluck supper first and then silent and live auction with the Marsh Island Band for entertainment.

Volunteer opportunities include:
1. organizing the potluck supper -- line up helpers for setting up and cleaning up, figure out the food and beverages
2. setting up for the auction -- best done without children. This is one of the most crucial jobs of the evening. Help lay out the auction items on tables, match items with their bid sheets, make sure everything is visually attractive and easily accessible. It's really fun to help bring it all together (plus you get a sneak peak at the items up for bid!)
3. cleaning up -- the usual stuff... moving chairs and tables, taking out trash, leaving the place pristine for the next group.
4. advertising -- if you have ideas or experience, we're all ears!
5. live cake auction bakers -- we're planning a live cake auction again this year (it was a rowdy, rousing success last year -- Al was an incredible auctioneer!). We need about 6 people to volunteer to bake a cake that we can auction that night. As examples, last year we had 5 cakes, including a fabulous chocolate cheese cake, a chocolate chip cake, and a chocolate cake with raspberries (chocolate seems to be a theme...).
6. treasurers/ cashiers -- we'll need about 6 or 8 people to work in shifts throughout the night taking admission at the beginning and helping people check out at the end.

In addition to these opportunities for involvement, we very much hope that all families will participate by donating at least one item or service to be auctioned in the silent portion of the evening. While this may seem quite daunting, it really isn't. Your donation could be something like raking leaves for 2 hours; hosting a dinner party for 2 (or 4, or 6...); putting together a "themed" basket with appropriate beverages and crackers or the like; procuring a gift certificate for a massage, yoga class, or something like that; offering to teach the winner to sew, knit, crochet, scrapbook, take pictures, etc. Elisabeth and Alison will be putting together a list of many brainstormed ideas to be distributed shortly after the winter break. We're a talented bunch, so it will be lots of fun on auction night to see what our friends have come up with.

The auction is our main fundraiser for scholarships for the next school year. As such it is vitally important for the school. Thank you very much for your help getting ready. We'll work together to make it a really fun evening.

If you have not received any email notification from the parent coordinators (Alison and Elisabeth) during the fall, then you are probably not on their email list. Parent organization events and fundraising events are advertised primarily using electronic communication. If you would like to be included, please send a note to Alison with your email address and what class your child(ren) is (are) in. Alison will update her lists to include you.


*Parent Reminders: Please bring extra clothes for the cubby as mud season is upon us! Remember Please mark all clothes, etc. with name! Please also remember to sign up for snack!

Marion’s Primary Classroom: We are just beginning to see feel and talk about the wonderful signs of spring. Excitement is “in the air.” The farm unit is in full swing with our field trip next Monday. We are working on a class book about the farm; brainstorming the various animals, crops, tools, etc. that are used on a farm. The next topic with be South America with its beautiful landscapes and people and animals. Parent conferences will be in May and a sign-up for conference times will be posted. Please remember to see me anytime you have questions about your childs day. Thank you also for your wonderful snacks that have been provided in the classroom. The staff and students truly appreciate it.

Joanne’s Primary Morning Classroom: It has been a busy spring. Our units of study are South America and the Farm. We have been learning about some of the special countries of South America, including Peru, Brazil and Argentina. We have talked about the instruments of South America and are presently making our own rainsticks. We will be learning about the animals and products of the rainforest and creating our own rainforest mural with Julie using Jan Brett’s Book, The Umbrella. The farm unit is well on its way. We have been incubating chicken eggs and are hoping that the baby chicks will hatch this Friday, April 1st. We will also learn about animals and their babies. On Monday April 4th we will be taking a field trip to the Wittier Farm . We look forward to a tour with Heidi Dail (Emmylou’s mom). She also will tell us about her horse! Of course everyone is excited! On this Friday Lori will do her traditional pancake breakfast for the students . We will taste real maple syrup and celebrate the coming of spring. These two units will be our focus until April vacation.

Please Beware!!—Mud Season looks to be upon us----Please make sure you have plenty of clothes for your child on hand at school. Rubber boots (puddle jumpers ) and mud pants are best for the playground to fend off wetness..

Joanne’s Afternoon Classroom (older students): It has been a very busy spring with many adventures. We did make it to the planetarium and are taking turns now with the Star Bag and looking at the night sky with our families. We have been fortunate to have many special events. We talked about the timeline of Earth and briefly stopped in the Time of the Dinosaurs. With Opal (practicum student from EMCC) we learned about fossils as records history and made our own. We have been invited by our friends from Indian Island Early Childhood Program to a drumming social on Tuesday, April 12th . the plan is to take our lunch with us and eat with our friends so we may visit with them before the social at noon.
We have been fortunate to have Patrick and Jana from the University nutrition program working with us on Mondays since March 21st. They will be here until April break. We are learning where our food comes from and have learned a lot about dairy products so far.
We have also had during our South American unit an introduction this week to Spanish with Sam’s sister Meredith and her classmates Laura and Lindsay for their project for a Spanish class at the University.
As you can see we have had a lot of fun and learning . If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Thanks , Joanne


Al’s Lower Elementary Classroom: The students will be finishing the salt experiments this week . They have gone well and were a big hit. If you are interested I can give you copies of them for homw use. Let me know. We will be presenting a play, “ Shadow over Mousehaven Manor” on Tuesday, April 12th at 4:00 p.m. All are invited to attend. If any parents need help with costume preparation, let me know. April snack fee is due…please!! We will focus on play rehersals until the performance. Then after April vacation, we will be studying Fish and other aquatic animals

Irene’s Upper Elementary Classroom: Students are continuing to work on turning their independent study projects into I- movies. They are being assisted by Kristy Ferran, a graduate student at UM. As part of students’ independent studies, we have experienced a visit from a Holocast survivor, a trip to the YMCA climbing wall, a delicious German apple strudel prepared in a student’s “German Cooking Show”, a visit from a flock of chickens, and a student written play about the pirate Blackbeard. We are also studying the human body. For geography we are studying the regions of India and the surrounding countries.

NOTE: Parent News Flyers will be by email only unless a hardcopy is requested. News Flyers will also be posted on the school’s website. . Thanks.


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