Parents' Flyer - November 9, 2009
Wednesday, November 11th – Veteran’s Day (NO SCHOOL)
Thursday, November 12th – Environmental Club “Star Party” at UM Planetarium
Wednesday, November 18th – Pizza Party by Theater Group at 5 p.m. at Elementary
Tuesday, November, 24th – Harvest Feast in A.M. Student pick up at 11:30 a.m.
Wednesday, November 25th – No School
Thursday, November 26th – Thanksgiving Day (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, November 27th – No School
Tuesday, December 1st – Primary Parent Conferences (Joanne’s Class)
Wednesday, December 2nd – Primary Parent Conferences ( Marion’s Class)
Thursday, December 3rd – Environmental Club (Evergreen Magic)
Saturday, December 5th – UM Women’s Hockey for SMS at 2 p.m. at Alfond Arena
Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 8th & 9th – Elementary Parent Conferences (Al’s Class)
Thursday & Friday, Dec. 10th & 11th – Elementary Parent Conferences (Irene;s Class)
Thursday, December 17th – Holiday Music Performance at Elementary (6:30 p.m.)
Friday, December 18th – Holiday Party at Elementary (half day)
Monday, January 4th – School Resumes



Montessori Services Catalog orders: Please fill out the order form, add the 8% group shipping fee and make checks payble to Stillwater Montessori School. We will send all orders in together and will take care of School ID#. Thanks for your great support!

Yankee Candle orders are due. A Special Thanks to Laura Sidelko for organizing this.

Collection of Caprisan Juice containers are also being done as a fundraiser. A Special Thanks to Andrea Olderburg for organizing this.

TRICK or TREAR for UNICEF: This year SMS collected $250 for UNICEF, which exceeded our goal! Thanks to all that supported this!

SMS Spaghetti Supper: Thanks to your support for the spaghetti dinner we raised $190 to help offset the cost of the Elementary Spring trip in May 2010 to Tanglewood Environmental School in Lincolnville, Maine. There will be more information later on this trip. The next fundraising meal will be in March.

Bottle Drive: Please drop your returnable bottles/cans to Skeeters Redemption on Stillwater Ave. Skeeters is on the left on the way to Old Town Hannaford Store. An account is all set up fot the school. You just drop them off anytime and say it’s a donation to Stillwater Montessori School. If you wish, you may bring them to School (either Primary and Elementary) and the staff will take care of them. . Thanks for your support.

Box Tops & Campbell’s Soup labels: Please save your “Box Tops for Education” labels and Campbell Soup labels as they can be used for School fundraising . There are collection boxes at both school locations. Marion is coordinating this collection. Please see her for details. We are now on our 2nd collection.

Hannaford for Education: There are coupons for certain items at Hannaford that are advertised as “School Dollar” items. Turn these at the Store (slot for coupons inside entrances) for savings for the school.

After-School Programs

Chess Club: Held on Weds. from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Elementary location. It is open to the community and all are welcome. Instruction will be given.

Environmental Club: Next Meeting is this Thursday, December 12th (location TBA)

It has been a wonderful fall with the environmental club and the college students. This next E-Club is the “Star Party” and included a planetarium show, “The Maine Night Sky”. It will be held at Aubert Hall at the University of Maine. We will have our last meeting of the semester on Thursday, December 3rd (location TBA) and will do a program on “Evergreen Magic”. Thanks to all that have helped make the environmental club such a success.

Children’s Theater Group / Chorus Group: Shauna Stratton-Meier instructs this after-school program. It is held on Mondays, 3:30 – 4:15 p.m. at the Elementary & Tuesdays, 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. at Primary .
If there are questions, please call Shauna at 974-9294.

Special Instruction:
Art: Jami Cass provides Optional Art Instruction for students at the Primary School and art lessons to both Elementary programs.
Foreign Language: Shellie Batuski is our Spanish Instructor and lessons are going very well.
Music: Shauna Stratton-Meier provides music instruction at all levels on Tuesdays.
Creative Movement / Physical Education: Cid Dyjak provides creative movement lessons at the Primary after lunch on Wednesdays. He will offer Physical Education at the Elementary on Friday mornings.
Suzuki Violin: Hannah offers optional violin lessons at school on Tuesdays.
Music at UM: The Lower Elementary students are going to UM from 11: a.m. to Noon on Thursdays to participate in the elementary music course there. Laura Artesani is the instructor.

PARENTS NEWS: Remember to check the School Calendar and Parent News Flyers on the School’s website:

1. Thanksgiving Feast is on Tuesday, Nov. 24th in the morning. Student pick-up is at 11:30 a.m. If you have not signed up to donate an item, please check to see what is needed. Thanks! Come by early to help & eat!
2. WARM WINTER CLOTHES: Be sure yout child has hats, warm coats and mittens as cold weather has arrived.
3. REMINDER! Late Pick-Up: Please pick your child up on time. SMS Staff are NOT available to stay late with students that are not picked-up on time. Please be aware of the heavy University traffic and plan accordingly to be on time. Thank you for your consideration with this.


Joanne’s Primary Class: We have had a wonderful fall of learning and working together as a community of friends. Our Kindness Jar fills quickly with good deeds, noted not only by the teachers, but by the students as well. Our class has read 100 books for our Classroom’s Care project! It is through Scholastic Book Clubs and now that our class is done, they will donate 100 books to children in need. Our UNICEF Project also went well . We have started our “Special Child of the Week” program. Every student gets a chance to be special child of the week. It is a great way for us to learn more about each other. We are studying the continent of North America by region and the Native American Tribes that live in these regions…desert, temperate rainforest, plains and woodlands. We are also learning about the indigenious animals and plants of North America, We have learned about the Native American “Talking Stick” and made our own. It is very similar to our Peace Rose in the class. For the Fall Harvest Feast, we will be making cranberry bread and working on cutting the vegetables. We will also be decorating a box to collect canned goods and non-perishables for the food pantry. We do this in hopes of making someone else’s life a little better.

Our mornings are busy with Spanish and Music, which we all enjoy. Thank you to all the families for your wonderful contributions of snack! The children really love serving their friends.

Our class conference day will be on Tuesday, December 1st. Please sign up for a time. I look forward to sharing and talking to you about the wonderful work your child is doing. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me. - Joanne

Joanne’s Extended Day Class: We have had a glorious fall and the children are very eager for lessons and excited about our projects! We have been reading Native American legends and stories. We have read three “Cinderella” tales from Native American culture, which we have enjoyed. One of our UM tutors, Hillary, shared her MicMac tribe hertitage with us, and we really enjoyed it. We will soon be writing a pen pal letter to our friends at the Indian Island School. This is a tradition that we have enjoyed for the last 5 years. The children have helped to set up a worm composting bucket in our classroom for red wiggler worms. Their favorite food is coffee grounds! As a result, we are grinding coffee beans to feed them. We will be preparing the cranberry relish and the stuffing for the Harvest Feast on Tuesday, November 24th. It has become a very fun tradition for the students to help Joe make the stuffing for the turkeys! We are busy with our reading, math, writing and lots of art projects. If you have any questions about the afternoon, please give me a call.
- Joanne

Marion’s Primary 2 Class: Welcome to November. We, as a class, have truly blended together to make a great working team. The children have made several friends, they understand the ways of the classroom and seem to feel very comfortable in their surroundings. We have begun a new unit of study; including the continent of North America (its people, animals and habitats), the Native American Culture and the history of Thanksgiving. Many art projects are planned, such as making talking sticks, dream catchers and pottery, tc. We will be making fry bread to try and cooking cornbread / preparing the vegetables for our Harvest Feast. The afternoon group has finished their color projects and we are now reading an author series with the Robert Munsch books. These books are hilarious, the children love the silly situations and characters. Please remember to turn in your parent conference forms so that I may focus on any questions that you may have concerning your child’s day at school. There will be a conference time sheet posted on the hallway bulletin borad next week so that you may sign up for a time that works for you. My conference day will be Wednesday, December 2nd.

Please remember to label and bring in warm clothing for your children. Hat’s mittens, extra socks, etc. are important this time of year. Thank you for returning your child’s take-home bags. It helps the process of getting your child’s work home for enjoyment. Thank you for snacks. This is also a very important part of the children’s day. We thank you for all your support. We are a team in your child’s education. As always,, please ask if you have any questions at all. - Marion


Al’s Lower Elementary Class: We are off to a great start this year. The children have adapted to the routine of the classroom. We have just finished the Work of Water unit. We studied how rivers work to change the earth and how people use the rivers as highways to settle the continent. We are now studying money. We are learning about the history of money and why we use paper money instead of gold. Most of our math will involve money for the next few weeks. We will discuss the value of coins and how to convert coins to bills. How we write money and make change is also studied. We will be scheduling parent conferences over the next few weeks. They are scheduled for Dec 8-9. – Al

Irene’s Upper Elementary Class: Students concluded their ocean unit with a presentation to parents. They performed a student-written skit and song, as well as showing their wonderful posters, papier mache projects, and Powerpoint presentations, among other demonstarations of all they learned in this unit. Our next unit is on the Middle East. We are looking forward to studying this region and meeting some of the people in our community who are from this region. Let us know if you are from the Middle East and would like to talk to our class. Thanks. Students have been very involved in school projects. They made a haunted house for the fall party and have been cooking every Friday to provide delicious snacks for the school. The class is looking forward to the latest edition of the elementary program's literary magazine, coming out soon. The Parent Conferences are scheduled for Dec. 10th & 11th .
- Irene


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