September 6, 2002

Tuesday, Sept. 17thAll School Parents Meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Elementary location (Holy Family Parish on South Brunswick St. Old Town) Directions Posted.
Friday, Sept. 20th – Common Ground Fair for Upper Elementary / Middle School
Wednesday, Sept. 25th - After-School Chess starts for 8 weeks (3:15 to 4:30 p.m.) All area chess players of all ages welcome


Japanese Student Intern: Itsuka Yokoe, a 23 year old from Japan will be working at our school until October 15th . She will visit all the classrooms. She is staying with Joe and Joanne Alex and looking to improve her English and learn about the United States. She in turn will teach the students about Japan and Japanese culture. Please introduce yourself and welcome her to the Stillwater Montessori community.

Snacks: At the Primary location, please sign-up for snack on the snack calendar in the hallway. Please refer to the healthy snack list you received with your Parent handbook, please Avoid Nuts as we have a student that is very allergic to them. At the Elementary / Middle School please pay either Al or Irene $5 per month for snack contribution. The student snack committee then takes these funds and plans snacks for both Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary / Middle School. Your help is appreciated.

Parent Support / Advisory Committees: Stillwater Montessori School needs active support from the parents to provide the excellence learning environment that is desired and expected for its students. Tuition funds alone cannot provide for all expenses, therefore fundraising is very important. Besides Fundraising, there are several other parent advisory committees that are listed below with names of some of the parents already involved: Please let Joe / Joanne know if you’d like to also be involved in one or more of them. We really need and appreciate your help!

School Fundraising / Grants (Claudia Lowd, Ann Ross)
Parent – Staff Monthly Forums ( Sandra Huchinson, Ann Krall, Laura May)
Family Activities / Events ( )
Computer Support Group (Brian Rahill, Dennis Coyne)
Curriculum Committee (Elementary / Middle School) (Mary Bird, Nancy Elliot)
Landscaping / Children’s Garden (Catherine DePrez)
Financial Advisory Group ( Karl Bishop, Richard Hollinger,)
Public Relations / New Parent Sponsors ( )

School Photos: These are scheduled for October 16th by MacLean-Steven Studios, Inc. We promise to get classroom composites included this time. We will also schedule a separate group photo for the Spring.

Montessori Article in Smithsonian!: Posted on school bulletin boards is copy of article in Sept. 2002 Smithsonian magazine on Montessori Education. Please read it…it’s very good.

Transportation Assistance: A school parent, Dawn Coffin is looking for assistance in transporting her daughter Rebecca from the Ellsworth area to Old Town to attend our school. If you know of anyone that commutes from Ellsworth area to the University, please call her at Home 667-6328 or Work 667-5556.

Electronic Mail and Newsletters / Web site: The school is developing a way to email all parents any notices or newsletters. This can be done with a group email and also posted to the school’s website: Please let us know if you DO NOT want your email given to other school parents.

School Telephones:

The Primary School number is 827-2404. (Cell# 356-1617)
The Elementary and Middle School is 827-7766. (Cell # 356-1618)
Joe and Joanne Alex answer the Primary School telephone but also have a
personal home phone: (Cell #356-1817) We have an “OPEN PHONE” policy. Please do not hesitate to call.

Violin Lessons: Nora Jennings is returning as Suzuki Violin Instructor at Stillwater Montessori School and giving violin lessons to students of all ages. She will be at our Parents meeting to explain the program and answer questions. There will also be a sign-up for lessons.

Primary 1: Joanne’s Class (A.M.) We have had a busy week settling into the classroom routines and building our classroom community. We have played games such as the “How do you do?” “Game” and clapping games for our names. We really are getting to know each other! I Care Cat (a puppet) has started his visits with us and is teaching us how to be a peaceful and kind friend. His rules are:

1. We listen to each other.
2. Hands are for helping, not hurting.
3. We use I Care Language.
4. We Care about each other.
5. We are responsible for what we say and do.

We have been observing our Painted Lady Larva as we await their passage to a chrysalis and finally a butterfly. On Thursday, we celebrate our 1st Birthday Walk with Maddy Allan-Rahill. This week we also will be practicing our fire drills---ask your child about our escape plan. On Friday, we will talk about Rosh Hashanah-the Jewish New Year. We have started individual snack, which the children enjoy getting when they are hungry. Friday’s are “folder days”, when your child will bring home the work they have accomplished during the week, as well as book orders and other information from the school. Look for these in their cubbies at the end of the day! The first book club flyers will go home this week. It is a great opportunity to build your child’s library at home with great prices. If you order PLEASE make checks out directly to the Book Club-Triumpet, Scholastic, Troll etc. There will be an envelope for Joanne’s Class in the hallway. They are due the following Friday. The Book Orders earn bonus points, which are used for books and resources for the classroom. If there are any questions, please see Joanne.

Joanne’s Extended Day (P.M.) Class: We have enjoyed a great start as we begin our year together. We have started playing games for beginning nature detectives and will work on “Habitat” as our Main Theme this fall in preparation for our field trips. We will be focusing on our neighborhood as well as our forest community. We have started settling into a routine and our math and reading work cycle is getting established. We have started reading aloud Charlotte’s Web by E. B White, which we are all enjoying. Reading to and with our children is very important. The students have already started to pick out books to read and share with others. They will also be sharing books with you throughout the year. We look forward to a great year!!

Primary 2: Marion’s Class: Welcome to a new year! The children are settling in nicely. We have been working on learning the names of everyone in the classroom, figuring our how the classroom works and enjoying each other’s company.
In the next few weeks we will be studying the topics of Caterpillars/Butterflies, Apples, Trees and Fire Safety. If anyone knows where to find monarch caterpillars, I would love to have one to share with the group, they are difficult to find these days. Any other specialties, which you may have through out the year PLEASE let me know.
We will be starting some special events next week that I would like to inform you about. On Tuesdays, we have Share Day (show & tell), where the children can bring something from home to share in a small group setting. This is truly an important time for your children, they are able to present their item and have comments or questions asked of them. Please try to help your child in remembering a share.
We will begin the Special Child of the Week at the end of September. Each child is chosen to have a week where they can bring items from home to share with the class. These items can be books, games, toys, etc. The Family is asked to fill out the child’s biography and to send pictures of their child over the years. This is an exciting time, one to be cherished.
I will be sending book orders home this week. If you are interested in purchasing from the different orders PLEASE fill out the order form on the back with your child’s name. PLEASE make checks payable to the individual companies. There will be a manila folder on the hall bulletin board where you can deposit your orders. Please have them in by Friday of the next week. The book selections are great as well as the prices.
Please make sure that your child has inside shoes and extra clothes, (Temperature friendly), we will do our best to check them as well. Together we will work towards having a wonderful school year. Thank you for your support and if you have any questions PLEASE do not hesitate to ask. Sincerely, Marion.

Lower Elementary : Al’s Classroom:
The first 6 days of the school year are behind us and the class is off to a great start. We have been working to establish the classroom expectations and help the children learn about friendship. We have completed activities and games that help the children work out differences and make new friends. There is a listing, inside the classroom, of the units of study for this year. If you can help with any of the units please let me know.
New students include: Nash Allan-Rahill, Alice Hwang, Max Bradshaw, Issac McMillen-Godfried, Maia Wade, Kortney Simonds, Alex Martin, Max Davis and Rebecca Coffin.

Upper Elementary / Middle School: Irene’s Classroom:
We have had a great start to the school year. Students are already off and running on their first projects of the year on food and farming. The students have worked together to establish a list of classroom chores and have done an exemplary job of completing them each day. We’ve played some games to get to know each other. We’ve also had the chance to laugh together at some of the chapters in our first read aloud book: The Winter Room by Gary Paulsen.

A note on food: We’ve been studying healthy food in class. We all like a treat now and then, but please try to steer clear of soda and candy in lunch boxes. Thanks.

Parents are invited into the room to observe, to help, or to lend expertise. A Special thanks to those parents who were on hand before school started to help set up the classroom and computers and to offer moral support.

We have some field trips coming up for which we need chaperones:
Friday, September 20th – Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine
A trip to UM for research on farming (Page Museum, Folklife Center, Composting Facility, etc.): Date and details to be determined.
Please let Irene know if you can help with these. Thanks.


Stillwater Montessori School on makes communication with parents a priority. We will email parents all notices and newsletters and also post them on our website. Hard copies will be available upon request and posted on school bulletin boards. Look for them.
We are a community school and parent involvement is very important. Please plan on attending our Tuesday, September 17th Parent meeting and learn about all the upcoming family activities, social events, etc. Also please check your folders.
I will be at the Elementary location in the morning from 7:30 to 8:45 a.m. most mornings and Linda Hall will be at the Elementary as Administrative Assistant until 11:00 a.m. She will be an Assistant Teacher in Joanne’s Classroom in the afternoon. I will be around most of the day and can always be reached by cell phone 356-1617. I am also a high school soccer official and will be gone every afternoon from 3:00 p.m. on throughout September and first two weeks of October. It is a busy schedule as there is a shortage of officials.
Many parents need receipts for tuition payments and the school will make them out monthly for all parents. When your payment has been made to SMART tuition service, then a receipt will be placed in your folder. This will usually be within a couple days after payment is posted by SMART. Let me know if there are any problems or special requirements are needed. Thanks, Joe


Besides the After School Chess program that starts Sept 25th, two other after-school programs will be hosted by Stillwater Montessori School. They are the Environmental Club and Culture Club. These are “free” and open to our students as well as other area students. Please look for more information along with dates, times and sign-ups for these programs. They are lots of fun! Plan on having your child participate.


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